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Our bespoke staff/contract worker outsourcing service is ideal for businesses with long- and short-term hiring in mind. Employment contracts are a fundamental aspect of the binding agreement between employee and employer, which ensures adherence to agree upon duties and responsibilities for both parties. We also develop comprehensive employment contracts, Handbook and HR Policies on behalf of our clients which cover all aspects of labor act to ensure that our client and its business are protected and not exploited from unnecessary labor issues from employees.


At Advance Consulting Limited, we specialize in recruiting executives and other senior personnel for our clients across various industries. Advance Consulting Limited possesses a rich network of experts well versed within the HR and Recruitment industry, including subject matter experts across various fields of speciality; detailed, specific knowledge of the field; and typically operates at the most senior level of executive positions.


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Handy Recruitment

We believe that there is no place like home and understand how important it is for you to only employ the most professional domestic workers within your household. As a complementary offer, the company engages in the hiring of household support junior office staff and domestic workers for executives and expatriates in Ghana.

Salary Prefinance

At Advance Consulting Limited, we are about life balances and not bank balances. We understand the impact finances have on your employees’ health, happiness, home life, and work life. We support our clients in the timely dispensing of salaries, thereby preventing agitation among workers while ensuring that our clients meet all statutory payments in order to prevent any penalties.

Payroll Management

At Advance Consulting Limited, we understand that managing payroll entirely within your organization can be a headache due to stiff penalties for non-compliance to statutory requirements and other related issues. At the request of our client, we are able to process staff salaries to their respective banks, pay PAYE, SSNIT contributions and other deductions on behalf of our client on a monthly basis.

Industrial Relations & Trade Union Negociations

We are experts in negotiating collective Bargaining Agreements on behalf of our clients with representatives of Trade Unions within their business, to ensure that our client is not exploited by unnecessary demands from the unions and their representatives within the confines of the labor law.

Immigration Services

We Liaise with the immigration service and assist in providing services such as renewal of Resident and Work permit, Visa on arrival, ok-to –board, meet and greet, as well as shuttle services for our expatriate clients.

Corporate Training

The most important people in any successful organization are the staff. Without properly trained and motivated staff, no company can provide effective service to its customers.

The Benefits

  1. Our Outsourcing HR services save our clients ample time and resources to concentrate on other business
  2. Our fees/prices are affordable and the best on the market. We offer flexibility in our rates which ensures
  3. We understand our clients’ mode of operations and therefore offer tailor-made services
  4. We cover all relevant labour laws and employment contracts
  5. We are your one-stop organization for all your HR.
Advance Consulting Limited is a Human Resource Outsourcing Consultancy Firm, specialising in Staff & Contract Workers Outsourcing, Executive Search & Selections, Payroll Outsourcing, Handy Recruitment, Corporate Training, Immigration Services and Salary Pre-finance for employees.
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